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TO: All Students, Faculty, Staff and Employees of St. George’s University

FROM: Chancellor Charles R. Modica

RE: St. George’s University Health Services Center

DATE:  September 15th, 2009

In an effort to address issues at the SGU Health Services Center (HSC) brought to our attention by members of the SGU Community, I have directed the implementation of significant changes in the administrative policies of the HSC.  We expect these changes to alleviate what have been described to us as long wait times and to enhance our ability to provide medical care primarily to our students, faculty and staff, who were always the intended beneficiaries of our clinic in the first place.

After reviewing all options available to SGU, it was determined that a fee-for-service policy will best enable the HSC to reduce wait times that result, primarily, from the regular stream of uninsured, non-SGU patients who now regularly come  to the HSC for treatment.  This will ensure that the facility is not overstressed and all patients receive the expected level of care.  It will also enable the HSC to improve the quality of care, which has always been its first priority.  It is expected that all students, faculty and staff will have their fees covered in full, without the necessity of co-pays, and therefore, the result will be that they continue to receive treatment without charge.

Therefore, as of October, 1st, 2009, all medical consultations and treatment performed by the St. George’s University Health Services Center  will be subject to a pre-determined fee.

Beginning October 1, 2009:

  • All students, faculty, staff and employees and their eligible family/dependents will be required to present their respective health insurance identification when consulting and/or receiving treatment at the St. George’s University Health Service Center. 
  • Students, faculty and staff (and eligible dependents) who have a health insurance plan sponsored by the University must simply provide their insurance ID card at the time of the visit, and will not be expected to pay any co-payments or other charges.  
  • Students, faculty, staff and employees (and eligible dependents), who maintain health insurance not obtained through St. George’s University, will be required to pay, in full, at the time any and all consultations and/or treatment that is performed at the HSC, and submit documentation for payment to their health insurance company.  St. George’s University Health Services Center will provide, upon request, the information necessary for reimbursement. 
  • Uninsured, non-SGU individuals who present to St. George’s University Health Service Center for consultation or treatment will be required to pay, in full, at the time such consultation or treatment is performed.

All students, faculty, staff and employees and their eligible family/dependents are requested to familiarize themselves with the terms of their respective health insurance policies in preparation for the October 1st, 2009 effective date of this notice.  

We welcome input from the SGU community as to the effect of this new policy in regards to wait times as well as any other factors that are deemed relevant to the quality of care.


 Locations of Automatic External Defribrilator (AED) at SGU

1. Chancellery Building (Receprion Area)

2. East Wing Library (Lobby)

3. Super Dorm 6 (Clinical Skills)

4. True Blue Security Booth

5. Veterinary Surgical Laboratory (Ground Floor)

6. University Club (Bar)

7.UHS Clinic (ER Pharmacy)

8.Small Animal Clinic (Reception Area)

9.Grand Anse Campus (Guard Office)