............Thursday, October 12, 2017


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Dear Paws Print Readers,

We hope that you’re having a productive term, and to our veterinary students, we hope that your mid-term examinations are going well. This term we continue to be busy with classes, teaching, projects, and various work assignments, and we commend all of your ongoing efforts as we move forward.

We recognize that you have multiple ways of communicating information and so recognizing this, in an effort to minimize information overload, we thought it would be best to reduce the number of issues of Paws Print that we publish each term. We will continue to include announcements about upcoming events, and stories about things that are happening in our School but rather than doing so every week, we will do this on a monthly basis going forward. We will however continue to update Paws Print as necessary, in between issues.

Do you have a story that our veterinary community would be interested in?  If you do, we invite you to make your story a Paws Print feature story by submitting your veterinary related story (with accompanying photo(s)). You may also send us your perspective on a SVM event, a fundraiser you planned or held, activities in your student group, a career success story, or a research breakthrough – your story can be on virtually any veterinary related topic. We encourage you to take this opportunity to share your experiences and showcase your talents.

As we embrace the latter half of the term, we wish each of you all the best and hope that you will continue to visit Paws Print, as we provide information and details about current and upcoming SVM projects, activities and news.

Best wishes,

The Paws Print Team