The American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education will conduct a site visit of St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine (SGU SVM) from April 22-26, 2018.  The site visit team will compriseof eight veterinarians representing the AVMA COE, who will conduct a comprehensive review of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program. This will entail a review of the curriculum, physical facilities, equipment, clinical resources, and library and information resources as part of its assessment of the program’s readiness for reaccreditation. Admissions policies, faculty, and the number and quality of professional degree students in the DVM program will also be assessed.

The AVMA COE first announced its full accreditation of St. George’s University’s DVM program for seven years in September of 2011. This announcement came following the submission of a self study by the SVM, and a comprehensive site visit by a team of AVMA reviewers in April of 2011.

In preparation for the upcoming site visit, the SVM conducted a lengthy self-study that culminated into a report that was submitted to the AVMA COE. Information pertinent to the upcoming site visit, is available on the Carenage, and can be accessed using the link below:

The School of Veterinary Medicine expresses heartfelt thanks to its faculty, staff, and students for their continued support, contributions and cooperation during the reaccreditation exercises.