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Campus News and Notes

The Orphanage Student Organization and the IEA/Urban Humanitarian Projects organizations are eager to share some exciting news. We have been working together to organize a scholarship fund to benefit the children at Bel Air and Queen Elizabeth homes.

The Orphanage Student Organization has built strong relationships with both homes over the years and are interested in establishing a fund to empower the children to achieve their academic goals. Leaders from OSO and UHP visited the community college here in Grenada, followed by a meeting with Dr. Rao, and together came to the conclusion that this project is not only very feasible but can be sustained in the future.

We would very much appreciate any help from faculty and staff in getting this project off the ground and making an impact in the community as soon as possible. This assistance can include donations, volunteering, ideas or any contribution you have to offer.

Any questions or concerns should be directed towards Jessica Serio, the current Orphanage Student Organization President, at Thank you.