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Dear Bulletin Readers,

The SGU Bulletin is migrating to the Carenage. With this move, we intend to offer a streamlined and intuitive experience that would better serve you; the user. While our Classified section will no longer be supported or available, we will continue to provide you with notices and pertinent updates. You will continue to receive a weekly email highlighting new information.

One of the improvements resulting from this change that we believe you will enjoy is that users within the SGU community will have more control over posting items.  When you have information or a notice to share, first post it in your community on Carenage.  Then submit your link which we will then use to include in our weekly email.

We look forward to providing this improved service and welcome your feedback, questions, concerns and suggestions. Ray-Donna Peters will remain your main contact and you may reach her via email:  or ext 3764.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and support. We look forward to continuing to serve you.

Office of University Communications and Publications