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November 7, 2014
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2 bed apartment for rent in Calliste

Available from November 2014

Our apartment will be availablefor rent from next month / for next term as we are sadly leaving Grenada very soon. It is a 2 bedroom (with aircon) really spacious place with loads of storage on Calliste Hill which means it has a great breeze and sea views from the porch/patio and bedrooms. It also is fully bug screened, has a private balcony from one bedroom and a gated car parking space/patio area and it’s a very short walk to the Point Salines bus stop.

The landlords are so friendly and virtually adopted our baby son, and as they live directly above and don’t go out much it’s really secure. They have been brilliant. We are so sad to leave the island and our surrogate family. This is a fantastic place for a family/two individuals or couples sharing and rent is really reasonable.

Call Mr Joseph on 5347708 for more details.