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Guidelines for Initiating a Faculty Search 

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To:      Course Directors, Chairs and Deans, St. George’s University

From: University Faculty Recruitment Administrator

Guidelines for Initiating a Faculty Search: New or Replacement

  • The Faculty Recruitment database can be accessed via the Member Center under the section (Faculty Only). Please select ‘Forms’ from the Contents Box to access the Faculty Recruitment Request Form.  The recruitment database automatically addresses recruitment requests. These requests are forwarded via e-mail when the reviewer selects ‘submit’.

  • Any faculty member may initiate the request (although it is usually done by the course director or chair).

  • Step one is to complete and electronically submit the Faculty Recruitment Request Form.  The form will be automatically addressed and sent via e-mail to the Department Chair for approval.

  • Upon receipt of the request, the Department Chair (who could also have initiated the request) reviews the request for a replacement/ new faculty position.  When approved and ‘submitted’, the request is automatically forwarded to the Dean of the respective school.
  • The Dean reviews and approves the request form which automatically is forwarded to the Provost.

  • Approval by the Provost initiates the official search which is then managed by University Faculty Recruitment Administrator.  An overview of the complete recruitment process and guidelines for recruiting faculty can be accessed within the Contents Box by selecting ‘Selection Process’ and ‘Guidelines’.

If you experience difficulty or have questions at any step in the recruitment process, please contact the Faculty Recruitment Administrator for immediate assistance at email address