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Posting Regulations - Effective October 15, 2005

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FROM: Sara Rabie, Office of the Dean of Students

In response to the proliferation of posting of flyers and announcements all over campus, new regulations regarding posting have been developed. These rules are in place for the betterment of the campus community.

It will take an effort to adjust to the new rules, but in the long run we anticipate that not only will the defacement of campus and wastage of paper and printing resources decrease, but the dissemination of information will improve.

New Posting Rules to take effect on October 15, 2005

· Posting will only be allowed on designated bulletin boards.

· Everything that is physically posted MUST be posted on SGU Post first.

· All posts must be dated and must indicate a contact person responsible for the content of the post and for the physical posting.

· All posts must be approved by SGA (student organizations), the Department or Administrative Office issuing the announcement, or the Dean of Students Office.

The following bulletin boards are available for posting (but only 3 are available for the posting of outside business advertisements):

  • Mailroom (outside businesses allowed in designated area of bulletin board)
  • Cafeteria—next to the D store (glass covered bulletin board)
  • Upper True Blue busstop (In case of emergency this is the official information bulletin board)
  • Alumni Lecture Hall
  • Bourne Center (outside businesses are allowed to use one of the bulletin boards on the terrace)
  • Bell Hall
  • Veterinary Annex Bulletin Boards
  • Arts And Sciences D Building Whiteboard
  • Library West Wing ground floor
  • Library East Wing ground floor
  • Library East Wing first landing (outside businesses allowed)
  • Library East Wing second landing
  • MPH Bulletin Board
  • Lower Campus Veterinary lecture Hall Bulletin Boards


Academic or administrative announcements are allowed and may be posted on any bulletin board that the initiating academic department or administrative office deems appropriate. Posting on SGUPost is recommended, but not required. The posting should indicate the department or office that is responsible for the posting.


Items for sale and vehicles and property for rent are not allowed to be physically posted. They must be advertised on SGUPost or SGU Bulletin.


Items lost and found need to be posted on SGUPost to be approved for physical posting. Physical posting will be allowed on the bulletin boards designated for posting. They must be approved by DOS and will be granted for one week only at which point all physical posts must be removed by poster or a fee of EC$10 per post will be charged.


Business announcements (for example, travel agencies, restaurants, car rental agencies) can only be posted on the three bulletin boards designated for this purpose (the mailroom, one next to Bourne Center, the one at the top of the first flight of stairs in the East wing of the library).

Parties organized by outside businesses will be stamped with "not sponsored by SGU" to differentiate them from those sponsored by SGA. The advertisements MUST be posted on SGUPost in order to be approved for physical posting. DOS will approve and post these postings.


· Information must be posted on SGUPost before it will be approved for physical posting.

· All postings must be stamped as approved by SGA and must be dated.

· Postings may not go up earlier than 2 weeks prior to the advertised event's date.

· Postings which are not time-sensitive may only be up for 2 weeks (unless they are double stamped).

· Postings must be taken down by a representative of the Organization within 48 hours after the event.

· All postings must mention the name of the organization sponsoring the event/meeting/workshop

· All 'party posters' must mention that the last call (for beverages) is at 1:30AM and that the 'Final buses begin leaving at 1:30AM'

· Unless adequately motivated, only 12 postings will be approved for one event.


Announcements regarding activities or events that are student initiated, but not by a student organization (for example martial arts classes or AA meetings) need to be posted on SGUPost and approved by DOS. Student initiated academic announcements need to be approved by DOS or by the appropriate department (e.g. DES for review group announcements).

Independently organized parties, if approved for posting, will be stamped with "not sponsored by SGU" to differentiate them from those sponsored by SGA and will only be allowed on the boards designated for outside businesses.

All postings not abiding by these guidelines will be taken down and appropriate action will be taken to dissuade further abuses.