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Sep 24, 2010

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Explanation of SGU's New Scantron: EM-285638-1 (brown form)

Dear Faculty,

Please be advised that there is a new authorized Student Response Form created for SGU by the Scantron® Corporation. This EM-285638-1 form (brown scantron) has been customized to better accommodate the longer SGU student ID’s that are currently in use.  Many of you are already familiar with the layout of this form as it is almost identical to the current F-20851-SGU (orange form) with the exception of one feature which is highly significant. This feature is the "Eight-character code" field. This “Eight-character code” field is now in one uniform block, whereas on the old orange scantron students had to enter part of their ID in the ‘Six-character code’ field and the rest in the ‘Code’ field.  This “Eight-character codeMUST be filled in by students on both sides of the form, as is normal practice when filling out SGU student response forms (scantrons).

Some additional changes on the EM:

  • The new form is cinnamon brown in color (old form was orange)
  • Additional instructions on the form: “Do not fold, tear or mutilate this form” and, “Your Eight Character Code MUST be entered on both sides of this form”

Examination Services has prepared two PDF files (see links to each below) with instructions on how students should correctly fill in the new scantron. Please note that there are some students who may have less than eight characters in their ID based on the number of characters their names contain e.g. Mandy Jo's ID may be MJO . These ID's should be entered as they are.  They are accepted and will be read correctly by the scantron reader.


Quick Ref Guide to filling out the F-285638-1 (brown scantron)

Sample Filled Scantron F-285638-1 (brown scantron)

For enquiries, please contact:

Tonya K. Duncan-Phillip, Assistant Coordinator, Examination Services (Grading & Critiques), Ext. 2591

Nicole Brown Executive Secretary, Examination Services, Ext. 2356

Kind regards,

Tonya Duncan-Phillip for

Leisha Griffith-Mark
Coordinator of Examination Services
Office of Institutional Advancement
St. George's University
True Blue, St. George's
Grenada, W.I.
(473) 444-4175 Ext. 2159