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Memo re. Reimbursement for Meals outside of University Club

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From: Office of the Provost

To: All Concerned

Re: Bills for Meals outside of University Club

Please be reminded that the University will not be responsible for the reimbursement / payment of bills for meals outside of the University Club, with exception of Visiting Professors, who are allowed to dine elsewhere, to a maximum of EC$95.00 per person, once per week.

Members of faculty dining at the club on University Business must obtain prior approval from the Dean of the relevant school. A food request form must be prepared and submitted to Provost for final authorization and processing; forms must include the originating department, the purpose of event, the names of persons expected to attend, and date of the event.

The Hospitality Coordinator will be responsible for making all reservations for University sponsored meals upon receipt of approval from the office of the Provost.