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The St. George's University No-Smoking Policy

After discussion for many years, the University Council of Deans (UCD) has approved a No-Smoking Policy on campus which will apply to all employees, students, faculty and visitors. This University is a center for One Health, One Medicine and has a commitment to public health and in creating a healthy environment for all.

Therefore, it was agreed that smoking be limited to the perimeter of the campus as the first phase of creating a non-smoking campus.

Any form of smoking, including electronic, is prohibited indoors and outdoors on the SGU campus and SGU properties except in officially designated areas - which are located on the perimeter of the campus and other SGU properties.

The following maps indicate the designated smoking ares at the SGU Campus, Grand Anse Campus and University Club

Please join us in supporting UCD's No-Smoking Policy because of its tremendous health benefits for the entire University community.