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Dear All,

Please note the following redefinition of SGU Policy on Work Orders.

The Maintenance Department is under constant demand as a result of the rapid expansion of the campus. As a result, we must prioritize and efficiently manage the department  to meet the growing needs of the university. We are therefore requesting that for any work needing the attention of the Maintenance Department, you fill out a Work Order.

The Maintenance Help Desk is to be contacted in emergency  situations only, such as leaks or AC related problems. The Maintenance Department will in this case only, prepare a Work Order. No work will be performed without an approved Work Order. Please request Maintenance Staff to produce the Work Orders before any work commences and  sign same on completion of the job. 

For any extensive work such as major renovation, additional structure, etc. please contact the Facilities Manager, Mr. Numa Rais at


Numa Rais

Facilities Manager

St. George's University

P.O. Box # 7

Grenada, West Indies

ph_(473) 444 41 75 ext 2593

fx_(473) 439 66 67

c_(473) 405 90 90