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Eleven Ergonomic Tips To Improve Your Workspace          

1.  As you lean back, a good chair with an adjustable back will support your weight.      

2.  The top of your monitor should be 2-3 inches above eye level.      

3.   Use an anti-glare filter if you experience screen reflections.      

4.   Plant your feet on the floor or use a footrest.      

5.  Use a document holder positioned in line with the monitor screen.         

6.  To rest your eyes, sit at arms length from the monitor.      

7.  Hold your wrists level in relation to forearms to use keyboard, mouse or other input devices.      

8.  Hold your arms and elbows close to your body.      

9.  Center monitor and keyboard in front of you.        

10. Use a stable work surface and stable (no bounce) keyboard tray.      

11. Take frequent short breaks.