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TO:                               All Deans, Chairs & Course Directors

Ccs:                              Mr. John Kopycinski, Ms. Christine Curwen,

                                    Ms. Anthia Parke, Mr. Vincent Morano


FROM:                          Allen H. Pensick, Ph.D

                                   Dean of Basic & Allied Health Sciences/

                                    Chairman of the University Council of Deans

DATE:               24th March, 2004

SUBJECT:                    University Sponsored Meals


I am pleased to advise that the University Club is hosting Visiting Professors, Staff and St. George's University and T. A. Marryshow Community College Faculty, at its restaurant, albeit on a limited basis at this time. 

Effective immediately, anyone who is authorized to dine at the University's expense should do so at the restaurant of the University Club.  The University will no longer reimburse for meals outside of the University Club, with the exception of Visiting Professors, who will be allowed to dine elsewhere, to a maximum of EC$95.00 per person, once per week. 

Chairs or Course Directors and spouses are permitted to join their Visiting Professors for dinner at the University Club only once during their visit, at the expense of the University.

All patrons will be served on presentation of their University Identification Cards and the Club's management will ensure that all meals and drinks consumed are signed for.   The billing policy is as follows:

1.         Faculty members must obtain prior approval from the Dean of the relevant School of the University if they wish to hold a business meeting, involving provision of meals at the Club.

2.         A faculty or staff member may make a reservation to have a meal at the Club with family or other guests, at their own expense, provided that the restaurant is not fully occupied.   

3.         All billing will be carried out by the Accounts Department on the basis of signed bills provided by the Club.  The Accounts Department will also issue bills for all meals consumed under condition 2 above.

4.         No limit will be affixed to meals taken by visiting dignitaries; however, prior approval must be obtained from the Chancellor and/or the Chairman of the University Council of Deans.

5.         The University will no longer cover the cost of any alcoholic beverage consumed at the Club with the exception of drinks taken by visiting dignitaries (see condition 4 above).     

Please note that all reservations for meals should be made through the Hospitality Department at extension 2188.

This memorandum supersedes all previous memoranda regarding University Sponsored Meals.